Brian Duff
Software Engineer

Executive technical leader with experience at Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Oracle. Passionate about building amazing developer experiences and products. (415) 203-2888

Work Experience

Principal Engineer
Jun 2022 – present Sunnyvale, CA

Just got back to Google, excited to figure out what's next...

Principal Software Engineer
Mar 2021 – Jun 2022 San Francisco, CA

Technical architecture and direction of the Engineering Effectiveness (EE) organization. Led 100+ engineers, product managers, data scientists, and researchers to accelerate and improve the experience of a 3,000 person engineering team.

  • Initiated and drove metric and measurement initiatives. Led a team of engineers and data scientists to establish key velocity indicators used by teams and leadership to measure progress against company level objectives.
  • Modernized developer tools. Evaluated and implemented core developer tool migrations for code review, CI / CD, build systems, version control, IDEs and observability.
  • Established a core Developer Understanding product focus. Designed programs, frameworks and tools to collect and interpret developer sentiment through CABs, interviews, direct observation programs, and surveys. Helped multiple teams to align priorities and staffing with developer needs.
  • As part of core company leadership, helped steer common technical and organizational consistency across the company in areas such as cloud, languages, frameworks, tool standards, engineering hiring, development, and promotion.

Principal Software Engineer
Apr 2019 – Mar 2021 Menlo Park, CA

Defined and executed strategy for Developer Experience (DevXP), creating and supporting tools and frameworks used by thousands of engineers.

  • Established developer loop cycle time metric definitions across five distinct developer cohort types.
  • Overhauled and modernized Facebook's mobile app build and packaging tooling, working closely with counterparts at Google and Apple.
  • Spearheaded and delivered an initiative to move mobile development off laptops to remote cloud based infrastructure, doubling build speeds and reducing errors due to inconsistencies in Facebook's developer environment.
  • Integrated the developer experience of several acquired companies, working closely with CTOs and senior engineering leads during and after closing.

Senior Staff Software Engineer / Tech Lead Manager
Aug 2008 – Apr 2019 Mountain View, CA

Technical leadership and execution on Nearby, Google+, CloudSQL, and Engineering Tools.


Google+ Developer Infra

Cloud SQL


Consulting Member of Technical Staff
Jun 1998 – Aug 2008 Redwood Shores, CA

Built external and internal developer tools as a technical lead in the Application Developer Tools division.


B.Sc. Computer Science (Hons.)
University of St. Andrews
Oct 1994 – May 1998